Setting the publishing parameters

Use the Publish settings button from the Add-on‘s shelf to access all available parameters for publishing in Maya. From this dialog, you can build your own presets, or set some settings as defaults for any specific step in your pipeline.

Publish settings: Format

In the first tab, select the step for which your setting the publishing parameters, and optionally select an existing preset.

Presets are stored in a folder inside the Maya module folder. You can save or load a preset with Edit ► Save preset... and Edit ► Load preset.... When a preset is saved in the default folder, it is listed in the box in this tab.

Ramses provides a few presets by default, they’re good examples of what you can do.

You can safely delete these presets from the preset folder if you don’t need them.

The text area on the right shows the preset as a text. This text can be saved or used directly in the publish settings of any step in the Ramses Client Application, to be automatically used when publishing files for the given step. In this case, this settings window will not be shown anymore when publishing files, unless the user checks the Edit publish settings box when saving the scene.

If the Ramses Client Application is running, you don’t necessarily need to use presets; clicking on the Save settings button will set the current settings to the selected step. They can then also be edited directly in the Ramses Client Application.

This text uses the Yaml syntax, which can easily be edited manually.

Pre-Publish settings

Before publishing, Ramses can run some checks and clean the scene.


Maya scene

Maya scene - Shader library

When publishing a shader library, Ramses keeps the list of nodes the shaders are applied to, and is able to re-assign them when importing the library in any scene.


Arnold Scene Source

There are no options for this format.


You can choose to export or not the materials in a sidecar *.mtl file.

All Settings

These are all the available settings:

delete_history: false
formats: # Format specific options
- mb: # Maya Binary options
    joints: disable # one of "disable", "hide", "lock", "keep"
    lock_hidden_nodes: true
    lock_transformations: false
    only_shaders: true
- abc:  # Alembic options
      frame_step: 1.0
      handle_in: 0 # in frames
      handle_out: 0
    filter_euler_rotations: true
    renderable_only: true
    world_space: true
- ass # Arnold secne source options (emtpy, no options)
  case_sensitive: false
  - _eye_
  - _eyes_
import_references: true
remove_animation: false
remove_empty_groups: true
remove_extra_shapes: false
remove_hidden_nodes: false
remove_namespaces: true
  - bezierCurve
  - nurbsCurve
  - nurbsSurface
  - locator
  mode: remove # either "remove" or "keep"

These settings can be set directly in the Ramses Application’s step editor, in the Publish settings tab.