Schedule and planning

You can use the schedule panel to plan the production, per user and per step.

More details about production planning.


A future version of the application will include a more general schedule, to let you quickly select time ranges for each step, defining a starting and ending date for each, without having to assign tasks to individual users.


The schedule table has two main areas: the toolbar on top contains a few useful menus and tools, and the main table is where you plan the production.

It is useful to keep the statistics side panel at hand when planning the production.


On its left side, the toolbar displays a few menus and tools.

The right side of the toolbar shows the time remaining before reaching the deadline of the project and lets you define the time range of the table.


The Step menu, to assign steps and set comments, is also availabe as a context menu with the [right click] on the table cells.

Main table

Each column represents a day, lines represent users. There are two lines per user to allow you to assign tasks only to half of a day.

The first line can be used to add any comment to the given day (column), for example to show deadlines, holidays, etc.

Columns in the past are darker than columns in the future, the current day is shown in purple in the header; the project deadline is shown in red. To help you differenciate weeks, an alternate grey is used for to separate them. You can hide the days of the week which are not working days (a.k.a. Weekends) using the Days menu.

Planning the project with the table is very quick and easy:

To check how many days you have to assign (or how many extra days you have already assigned) according to the estimations, use the Statistics panel.


The Statistics button on the title bar of the application opens a summary of the progress of all steps and the whole project.

The top part shows the statistics for the whole project.

For each step, Ramses also compares the remaining work to the schedule, to warn you if you need to plan more days to complete the given step (or if there are extra days).

If you pull the row to make it bigger, you can get more details.