Install from source

Installing from source is the easiest way to install the ramses server on any host, including shared hosting.

  1. (MySQL only) Create a new base on your SQL server, along with its user and password.
  2. Un-Zip the Ramses Server you’ve downloaded.
  3. Edit config/config.php with all needed info.
  4. Copy the Ramses Server files to the web server (you can just copy the ramses folder from the ZIP archive).
  5. Go to http://your.server/ramses/install.
  6. Delete the install folder from the server.

The default user for Ramses is Admin with the password password. You should start by changing this name and password using the Ramses Client Application.


It is important to delete the install folder as soon as the server’s been installed, to prevent anyone to run the install script again.

When the install script is run, it wipes all existing data from the server’s database!