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Ramses uses semantic versionning to keep track of changes and versions. Versions numbers always have this form: M.m.p where M is the major version number, m is the minor version number and p is the patch number.

Ramses Components should be considered compatible together if and only if they share the same major and minor version numbers, although if only the minor version number differs everything should still work. That means if you update a component to a new major or minor version, all other components should be updated too.

For example, a 0.6.0 application will work perfectly with a 0.6.2 server, but it may have minor issues with a 0.7.0 server and it will not work with a 1.1.0 server.


Versions ending with -Alpha or -Beta are released for testing purposes only and should not be used in production, unless you know what you’re doing.

In versions labeled Alpha, the APIs may still vary a lot, especially for versions still in 0.x. Changes are mentionned in this changelog.

Planned Features

The detailed list of planned features and enhancements is available on Github.