A state associated to a comment, the user who changed the state, etc.

Static Methods

Method Arguments Description
dict or object: statusDict Builds a RamStatus from a dict or object like the one returned by the RamDaemonInterface
string: filePath
Returns a RamStatus instance built using the given file path.


Attribute Type Default Description
comment string A user comment.
completionRatio float The ratio of completion of this status.
date datetime The date at which this status was created.
published boolean True if this version of the item has been published.
state RamState The corresponding state.
user RamUser The user who created this status.
version integer The version of the corresponding working file.


Method Arguments Description
constructor RamState: state,
string: comment="",
float: completionRatio=-1,
integer: version=0,
RamUser: user=None,
datetime: stateDate=None
If user is None, the current user (as returned by Ramses.instance().currentUser() will be used.
If completionRatio is -1, the completion ratio of the given state will be used.