Ramses Server installation

Ramses Server runs on very standard web servers, with the usual Web Server / PHP / mySQL stack. That means you can install it on almost any desktop or server computers, private server, shared hosting, workstation, Raspberry… It doesn’t need much resources.


The procedure to install and to update Ramses differ a bit. Do not follow the installation procedure to update your server, as it will wipe all your data!

It is also a good habit to always backup the data before updating.


Ramses Server must be installed on a computer with:

The recommended configuration is a standard AMP stack (Apache - mySQL - PHP), with at least 2GB of RAM if the SQL server is on the same computer than the Apache server.

This can easily be automated using Docker if you already have it installed. We provide a ready-to-use Docker folder to help you quickly install and run the server.


You first have to decide what type of database the Ramses Server will be using. There are two options:

Once you’ve made your choice, follow these guides according to your environement:

Install from source

Docker (MySQL)

Docker (SQLite)

Synology NAS

You can adjust the server configuration by editing config/config.php and config/config_logs.php.