The base class for most of Ramses objects.

Inherited by: RamItem, RamProject, RamState, RamStep, RamUser

Static Methods

Method Arguments Description
object or dict: objectDict Returns a RamObject instance built using the given object/dict, as the ones returned by RamDaemonInterface.
This method is reimplemented in inherited classes to return an inherited instance.
object or string: object Convenience method. Returns the object’s short name or the string itself; use this to parse arguments in methods which need to use the shortname but can get either an object or a string as an argument.


Method Arguments Description
constructor string: objectName
string: objectShortName
The comment for this object.
The name of this object.
The short name (ID) of this object.


Convert to string

RamObjects can be converted to string the usual way.

# Python

obj = RamObject( "Name", "ShortName" )

print( obj ) # implicit conversion
print( str(obj) ) # explicit conversion

# Both will print:
>>> ShortName | Name
// ExtendScript

var obj = new RamObject( "Name", "ShortName" );

$.writeln( obj.toString() );

// Prints:
// ShortName | Name

Comparing objects

RamObjects can be compared to check if two objects are the same (comparing the values, not the object instances).

Two objects are considered the same if and only if their short names are the same. Names will not be compared, which means object short names in ramses have to be unique.

# Python

obj = RamObject( "Name", "ShortName" )
other = RamObject( "Other Object", "otheShortName" )
same = RamObject( "Same Object", "ShortName" )

# RamObject can be compared as any other value

obj == other # False
obj == same # True

# It can be used with the `in` operator too
objList = [ obj, other ]
same in objList # True

# But RamObject is not hashable, so it cannot be used in a `set` or as a key in a `dict`

// ExtendScript

var obj = RamObject( "Name", "ShortName" );
var other = RamObject( "Other Object", "otheShortName" );
var same = RamObject( "Same Object", "ShortName" );

// RamObject can be compared with the is() method

obj.is(other) // false
obj.is(same) // true

API Dev notes


These section is for the development of the API only; you should not need these when developping your add-on using the API.

(Im)mutable data

The data returned by the methods can be either mutable or immutable.

Method Type of the returned data
name Immutable
shortName Immutable


Converting objects to string

# Python

# Overload the __str__() method

class RamObject:
    def __str__( self ):
        return self._shortName + " | " + self._name

// ExtendScript

// Overload the toString() method

function RamObject() {};

RamObject.prototype.toString = function ()
    return this._shortName + " | " + this._name;

Object comparison

# Python

# Overload the __eq__() method

class RamObject:
    def __eq__( self, other ):
        return self._shortName == other._shortName

// ExtendScript

// Implements an is() method

function RamObject() {};

RamObject.prototype.is = function ( other )
    return this._shortName == other._shortName;